On art without aesthetic

Discussions held on the occasion of Fabien Giraud's exhibition at Rosascape

« Thought has long put objects under pressure, it may now be time for objects, in turn, to put thought under pressure. »

The matter of contradiction is a speculative proposition towards a future art theory.
The matter of contradiction a symposium, aims to account for recent philosophical movements in post-continental thought and site them in relation to contemporary art practices. In the last five or so years new ideas have emerged from French, British and American philosophers that question our assumed reliance on a post-Kantian tradition. These philosophies have been collected under the heading Speculative Realism, and have as their common thread a rejection of philosophies of access, or as Quentin Meillassoux terms it, "correlationism", that claim to only be able to speak of the world through the human perspective. We find it increasingly important to understand how these ideas relate to art and curatorial discourse.
If worldly things no longer exist solely in the way they present themselves to us, how might we operate the reversal that is necessary for thinking artistic objects?

Tuesday, November 29 at 7pm
Discussion between Quentin Meillassoux and Fabien Giraud

Thursday, December 1st at 7pm
Artist Fabien Giraud chairs a discussion with artist and director of Treignac Projet, Sam Basu, art historian Ida Soulard and curator Tom Trevatt where each present their own research into these areas. This symposium is accompanied by a roundtable discussion held in London in December. These two symposia are starting points on a journey towards a large conference to be held in September 2012 in Treignac Projet in Limousin (F).

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