In the form of events, conferences and performances the “ WHO’S TALKING “ series that Rosascape regularly organises brings together artists and philosophers, sociologists and art theoreticians to talk about their work and the political, sociological and artistic contexts that take part in the design of their work.  

A talk organised as part of the exhibition Finir by Raymond Gervais.

This discussion is part of the solo exhibition Du Mort Qui Saisit Le Vif (la maison du dehors) by Fabien Giraud, held at Rosascape from November 28th to December 3rd 2011.

This talk, hosted by Rosascape, is an opportunity for Benoît Maire to revisit the inquiries carried out in the first sequence of his project The Aesthetics of Differends, published by Rosascape in April 2011. In the company of Corinne Enaudeau and Bruno Bosteels he will be exploring among other things the thought of Jean-François Lyotard, but also of Lacan and Badiou, to open up new paths for reflection.

A talk organised as part of the exhibition "Altered States" by Berger&Berger.

As part of the exhibition Altered States by Berger&Berger and the publication of Le globe blanc ou les évidences trompeuses by Bertrand Westphal, Rosascape hosted an event with Bertrand Westphal, Laurent P. Berger and Cyrile Berger to discuss their respective projects.
Moderated by Alexandra Baudelot.

This encounter between Dora García and Esther Ferrer was organised in relation to the artist's book "Mad Marginal", published by Rosascape. Dora García asks Esther Ferrer about her artistic parcours and her political and artistic positions from the Franco years to the present, as well as her position as 'artist in exile' — or more precisely, as a'displaced' Spanish artist who relocated to France in the 1960s.

As part of Benoît Maire’s exhibition “Histoire de la géométrie” hosted by Rosascape, the artist invites the philosopher Catherine Malabou for an oral performance based on the works Histoire de la géométrie n°9 and Histoire de la géométrie n°12 - two works in which Catherine Malabou appears as the central figure of a plastic and visual arrangement.

For the first Who’s Talking event Chantal Pontbriand meets Indian artist Sonia Khurana.